Thursday, November 14, 2013

PTU Tut - A Country Autumn

PTU Tut - A Country Autumn


You'll need a tube with a close up for this tut.

Autumn by Verymany. You can find it HERE.
This is a Pay To Use tube. You need a license to use it. Do not use this tube without a license.

Scrap Kit
A Country Autumn by Inzpired Creationz
You can find this beautiful kit @ PMTw/S HERE

Callie Hand

I'm using MC_MisfitFallMask01 and you can find it HERE.
♥Let's Start♥

Open a new canvas size 800x800 (you can resize later) and 72dpi.

Open Frame 1.png and copy and paste as a new layer.

Open the following elements and place them how I have mine. Resize if needed. See my tag for reference.

Branches 1.png
Grass 1.png
Hay Bale.png
Pinecones 1.png
Acorns 2.png
Boot 1.png -- Duplicate it and slightly resize the top one so it looks like they are a pair (see my tag for reference)
Flowers 3.png
Flowers 1.png
Flower 10.png

Place a nice drop shadow on each layer that compliments the tag. I used the following settings:

Layers> Merge> Merge Visible

Resize your newly created cluster frame to suit your needs by going to Image>Resize.

Add the close up of your tube under your frame layer, resize it to fit inside the frame.

Grab your eraser tool and carefully erase the parts of the tube that you can see on the outside of the frame.

Duplicate your tube layer and on the top tube layer, Adjust>Blur>Gaussian Blur and set it to 5.

Now change the blend mode in your Layers Palette to Screen.

Add your mask and if any of it is hanging down below the grass, just erase it.

Crop it down to size and add your copyright and name.

Save as .png or .jpg. Whichever you prefer.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed my tut!

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